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Important Announcement

Rocky Top Chess Club ( now is a member of’s Clubs League. 2020 club match season will be Saturday, May 23 (first match) through Saturday, July 11 (final match). Please consider to join and represent our club.

A2. The league will have weekly matches on eight (8) consecutive Saturdays

Click and sign up for June 20 (Match 5), June 27 (Match 6), July 4 (Match 7), and July 11 (Match 8).

A3. The suggested default match time is Saturday 1:00pm EDT

A4. will post the club vs club pairings each Tuesday.

A5. Club admins must report weekly results by Sunday.

A6. The estimated match time is 1 hour.

USCF-rated online weekly tournaments on

United and Prevail: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will host a USCF-rated chess tournament on every Saturday at 9:30 am eastern time. The tournaments are free to all current USCF players. This is a 5-round Swiss, with a 10 min +3 sec time control. Each tournament should finish in less than 2 hours. For each event, we provide $10 for first place, $5 for 2nd place, $5 each for Top U1200, Top U800 and Top U400. Players will be automatically paired on and the subsequent rounds will automatically start as soon as the prior round is completed.

You can join the tournaments, following a few simple steps:

1. All players need to join “Rocky Top Chess Club” on in order to play USCF rated online tournaments

a. Make sure you already have a account. It is free to sign up at

b. Please make sure your USCF membership is active. We will not accept any requests to play USCF rated online tournament on if the USCF membership is expired.

c. Once you have signed up for an account, please join the Rocky Top Chess Club at Click “Join”

c. Go to this form (for new players only) and provide the required information (we need your name, USCF ID, ID, email address for pairing and communication purpose only). We will only add players to the USCF rated online tournaments after they complete that form.

2. Players who already joined the “Rocky Top Chess Club” on need not do so again. On the tournament day, log onto Click on “Play”>”Live Chess”. On the top right corner of your screen, you should choose “Tournaments”. You will then see our Orange “Rocky Top Chess” Logo. Please Log on and join the tournament online 10 minutes before the scheduled time. This will make joining the tournament and starting the event run more smoothly. New players not yet added to the group must follow the steps above.

Please note that we need a minimum number of players (2x the number of rounds) to run each tournament.

Currently tournaments will have only one USCF-rated section. There will be no unrated online sections.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Challenge of the Week: Black to move and win (By Karsten Muller

Support Rocky Top Chess

Rocky Top Chess Inc. expresses its immense gratitude to everyone that made a donation in support of the organization. As a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, we would not be able to provide the chess programs and services to our community were it not for the generous contributions and support from you. Please consider donating to help improve the club.

Current Donors:

Xiaopeng Zhao Fangxing Li James and John Nguyen Jiangang Chen Lei Xu

Qiang Zheng Patrick Wu